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CARBO Wells Produce More

Higher production, increased recovery and reduced lifetime costs.

CARBO is an industry-leading production enhancement company that integrates technologies and intellectual capital to design, build and optimize fractures. Our products and services enable customers to increase production and recovery while lowering total finding and development costs.



Fracpro®  Fracture Software Services
Optimize fracture design and engineering with Fracpro, the industry’s leading fracture simulation software. Learn more

CARBO Ceramics®  Fracture Technologies and Services
Build fractures using high quality proppants for enhanced conductivity and greater hydrocarbon flow. With proprietary proppant-delivered production assurance, production intelligence and flow enhancement technologies, CARBO provides you with more ways to enhance production. Learn more

StrataGen®  Fracture Consulting Services
Utilize our expertise and experience to enhance fracture and completion design and to develop production enhancement strategies that optimize production and ultimate recovery. Learn more


CARBO also helps you to safeguard your assets, your reputation and the environment with our long-term spill prevention and containment solutions.


Falcon Technologies® – Environmental Spill Prevention and Containment Solutions
Protect your wellsite, your production and the environment with engineered products and solutions that utilize our unique and highly durable liner technology. Asset owners can reduce environmental risks and lower the cost of operations. Learn more


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