Industrial grinding media

Industrial grinding media

Our ceramic grinding media provide greater value and performance than steel balls and inferior alumina-based substitutes. Uniform size and spherical shape add efficiency to the grind and reduce wear on mechanical milling parts. Engineered durability ensures longer product life, improved performance and reduced media replacement costs. A wide range of sizes and densities are available to suit both vertically and horizontally configured mills for fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding and regrind.

Industrial grinding media
CARBOGRIND high-performance ceramic media


CARBOGRIND high-performance ceramic grinding media is now available in 3 product lines that offer a wide range of sizes and densities to suit virtually any grinding application.

Product Application Specific Gravity Range Size Range
CARBOGRIND Use for hard rock /
hard minerals
2.6 - 3.7 (g/cm3) 0.8 - 6mm
CARBOGRIND PLUS Use for hard rock /
hard minerals
3.7 - 6.1  (g/cm3) 2 - 6mm
CARBOGRIND XT Use for soft minerals 3.6  (g/cm3) 20 - 60mm



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