Industrial media and additives

Industrial ceramic media, additives and mineral toll processing

CARBO INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES engineers and manufactures a range of ceramic media and additives for industrial and oilfield applications.

Our high-performance products deliver value by improving end-product quality, process efficiency, and HSE profile compared to speciality sand, synthetic media and inferior quality ceramic media. Our processing and manufacturing services enable you to bring new products to market efficiently and economically.


CARBOBEAD high-performance ceramic media is available in a range of sizes and densities providing solutions for a variety of industrial applications including: water filtration, blasting, peening, heat transfer, catalyst support and sport turf fill. Use in place of silica sand to reduce product contamination, mechanical equipment wear and media replacement costs. More on CARBOBEAD

Metakaolin additive

METAKAO premium metakaolin additive is engineered to deliver enhanced performance and value compared to fly ash, slag, and silica fume. Our additive has a high-level of pozzolanic reactivity to enhance concrete and cement-based product performance. The additive enhances performance of oilfield cement and drilling fluids, dry-bagged products, fibercement and ferrocement products, metal casting and other specialty applications. More on METAKAO metakaolin additive 

Mineral toll processing and custom manufacturing services

Our mineral toll processing services enable you to manufacture products efficiently to your precise specifications and the highest quality standards. Our high capacity, state-of-the-art manufacturing, materials science expertise laboratory facilities enable you to meet market demand while avoiding large investment in new facilities or personnel. Our experience includes minerals processing and the manufacturing of advanced product for the oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, metal casting and minerals processing industries. More on mineral toll processing and custom manufacturing services


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