Industrial performance enhancement technologies and services

CARBO INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES is a leading provider of high-performance ceramic media and industrial products that are engineered to increase process efficiency, improve end-product quality and reduce operating costs.

Our high-quality, value-based technologies are engineered to enhance the performance in industrial casting, mineral grinding and processing, manufacturing, oil and gas drilling and well construction and specialty applications.

Our mineral toll processing and custom manufacturing capabilities help industrial customers to bring new products to market faster and meet customer demands while minimizing investment.

Industrial casting media

ACCUCAST high-performance ceramic casting media and KRYPTOCAST ultra-high performance, low-density ceramic casting media are engineered for precision performance. Outperforming specialty and silica sand products, their unique thermal, physical and chemical properties reduce media consumption and costs, lower production defects and reduce energy consumption. More on industrial ceramic casting media

Industrial grinding media

CARBOGRIND high-performance ceramic media improve grinding efficiency while lowering operational costs. The durability of our ceramic grinding media results in longer product life, while the uniform size and spherical shape add efficiency to grinding operations and reduce wear on the mechanical parts of milling equipment. More on industrial ceramic grinding media

Industrial media and additives

The CARBOBEAD family of high-performance ceramic media technologies are engineered to provide economic, HSE and performance advantages in a wide variety of industrial applications compared to sand and other competing synthetic media types.

METAKAO premium metakaolin additive provides a high-level pozzolanic reactivity that enhances concrete and cement-based product performance. The additive optimizes concrete strength, durability and workability in construction and oilfield cementing applications. More on industrial media and additives

Mineral toll processing and custom manufacturing services

CARBO INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES provides mineral toll processing services, enabling you to manufacture products efficiently to your precise specifications and to the highest quality standards. You gain cost efficiency and expertise without committing to long-term investment. More on mineral toll processing and custom maufacturing services


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