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Do You Know Frac from Fiction?
Test your unconventional wisdom.

Building the fracture: CARBO Ceramics® proppant technologies increase conductivity and improve economic performance.

CARBO has the industry’s most advanced portfolio of proppant products and services, all engineered to build and maintain high conductivity and optimal flow for the life of the well.

In addition to the most extensive line of proppants, CARBO has developed proprietary proppant-delivered technologies that go to work within the frac to deliver powerful benefits.

Ceramic Proppants


Resin-coated Proppants

Proppant-delivered fracture and production intelligence

Proppant-delivered production and integrity assurance

Simply put, CARBO provides you with more ways to enhance production. Numerous case histories have consistently demonstrated:
  • 20% + increase in initial production rates.
  • 20% + increase in estimated ultimate recovery.
  • Improved rates of return.
  • Lower finding and development costs for exploration and production companies.

With manufacturing plants in the U.S. and abroad, plus a proven global distribution network, CARBO can serve the needs of any customer anywhere in the world.

Higher Production and EUR Design the Frac Optimize the Frac Build the Frac

New Technologies: