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Fracpro®: The power to optimize performance

The world’s leading fracture stimulation software offers unparalleled capability, versatility and real-world performance.

Fracpro is a comprehensive software package that offers users more resources, more flexibility, more analytic capability and more effective ways to boost ROI than any other.
Fracpro contains four fully integrated modules for Frac Design, Frac Analysis, Economic Optimization and Reservoir Performance. It can model almost limitless combinations of well configuration, proppant placement, conductivity improvements and fracture dimensions, in any type of reservoir.
In addition to its thorough built-in libraries, Fracpro can capture data and be calibrated in real time, allowing users to customize models for their specific application.
Fracpro can also be configured for acidizing and enhanced video functionality.
With unmatched features, application and performance, it’s no wonder that Fracpro is the industry standard hydraulic fracture simulation software.
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PE Cycle-Fracpro Higher Production and EUR Optimize the FracBuild the Frac Design the Frac