KRYPTOSPHERE HD is a high-performance ceramic proppant engineered to deliver unparalleled conductivity and durability in the highest closure stress wells. Even in challenging, high-cost environments such as deep water wells, KRYPTOSPHERE HD retains its integrity to safeguard the long-term conductivity of each fracture—enabling greater ultimate recovery from the reservoir.



  • Precision-engineered, durable, highly spherical, uniform-sized, smoother proppant grains

  • Twice the baseline conductivity at 20,000 psi closure stress compared to typical bauxite-based high strength proppants

  • Single-mesh-sized product manufactured to any size required to suit well conditions

  • Exceptionally strong proppant with virtually no internal flaws in grains—retains integrity at 20,000 psi

  • Spherical shape and smooth surface to significantly reduce erosion—even at high velocities


  • Creates a frac with uniform pore throats and more space for hydrocarbon flow

  • Maintains the additional space, the highest flow rates and levels of conductivity for the productive life of the frac

  • Avoids the creation of fines that reduce conductivity

  • Reduces hydrocarbon flow path tortuosity to improve overall conductivity

  • Allows fracs designed to optimize recovery rather than based on unnecessary erosion constraints

  • Protects downhole equipment and reduces levels of non-productive time

  • Faster return on investment and increased recovery while reducing total F&D costs


    A new category of strength

    KRYPTOSPHERE HD continues to perform where the strongest bauxite proppants currently available fail—making it the world’s first ultra-high strength proppant.

    Higher production. Increased recovery.

    As a major breakthrough in proppant technology, KRYPTOSPHERE HD significantly exceeds the conductivity, compressive strength and durability of current products. You can attain higher flow rates at the highest closure stresses to increase recovery and return on investment—all while lowering finding and development costs per barrel of oil equivalent.

    100% greater baseline conductivity than high-strength proppant


    Precision-engineered for performance

    KRYPTOSPHERE HD is specifically engineered for superior characteristics including grain size, shape and strength. Its exceptional microstructure means that KRYPTOSPHERE HD looks—and performs—unlike any other proppant available today.

    High-strength proppant KRYPTOSPHERE H

    High-strength proppant

    Irregular size and shape with manufacturing imperfections


    Uniform size and shape with exceptional microstructure



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