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CARBO's Palisch receives SPE completions award

03 Mar 2013

CARBO's Terry Palisch, who works out of the Dallas area, received the 2012 SPE Completions Optimization and Technology Award for the Mid Continent region. The award is presented to one completions professional in each SPE region worldwide (see

Guar gum shortage: proppant misconceptions

10 May 2012

In the hydraulic fracturing process guar gum is a key ingredient in the viscous fluids used to transport proppant, a granular material used to fill the fractures and prop them open once the high-pressure hydraulic pumping stops. Proppant-filled fractures allow hydrocarbons to flow more freely, in...

CARBO to build new manufacturing plant in Georgia

03 May 2012

CARBO Ceramics Inc. (“CARBO”) will begin construction on a state-of-the-art ceramic manufacturing plant in Millen, Ga., announced Gary Kolstad, President and Chief Executive Officer. Having received its air quality permit from the State of Georgia, CARBO should commence construction o...

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES begins Marcellus shale operations

31 Aug 2010

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES – a leading provider of custom spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) systems – has announced commencement of operations in the Marcellus shale resource play. The company also currently operates in a five-state region of the Southwestern U.S., includin...

CARBO introduces innovative, non-radioactive traceable proppant

28 Jun 2010

CARBO announced today the introduction of CARBONRT, an innovative, environmentally responsible development in proppant placement. This technology incorporates a taggant that allows downhole, near-wellbore detection of ceramic proppant. CARBONRTassists in determining fracture propagation and geome...

CARBO purchases FracproPT Software

14 Jun 2010

CARBO Ceramics Inc. announced today that it has purchased all the intellectual property rights and trademarks for FRACPRO fracture design modeling software from the Gas Technology Institute.According to CARBO President and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Kolstad, the purchase will allow continued d...

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