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System improves ability to detect location of proppants in reservoir

Hart Energy E&P, July 2017: CARBO has developed a method to detect proppant in the far field, known as QUANTUM quantified propped reservoir volume imaging.

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Casting defects eliminated, saving a billion-dollar casting project

Switching to ACCUCAST ceramic casting media from olivine sand achieved necessary dimensional tolerances for aluminum marine foundry project. The challengeA captive aluminum marine foundry had a new billion-dollar project that was scheduled for startup. They were not able to meet casting dimensional tolerances using their existing olivine sand media. The project was in critical jeopar...

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A slick design for slickwater systems

Oilfield Technology, September 2017: CARBOAIR technology enhances the transport capabilities of slickwater fracture fluid system

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NANOMITE S Technical Data Sheet

Maintain production from your microfractures and flatten your decline curve

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Optimized fracture program increases production, lowers costs in tight offshore pay zone

Higher conductivity of low-density ceramic proppant helps improve economics of challenging reservoir.

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Los medios de molienda cerámico reducen el desgaste de los componentes internos de los molinos verticales y los costes de mantenimiento de una compañía minera

Los medios cerámicos de alto rendimiento CARBOGRIND aumentan de manera significativa la eficiencia de la molienda, disminuyen el desgaste de los equipos mecánicos y los costes de recarga de los medios

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