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CARBOHYDROPROP technical data sheet

CARBOHYDROPROP low-density, high-transport ceramic proppant was engineered for fracturing applications such as slickwater. It offers 40% to 100% greater conductivity than sand-based products, delivering higher value, but at a similar cost structure.

Technical data sheet
A New Nuclear Logging Method to Locate Proppant Placement in Induced Fractures

Recently a new technology has become available that offers a viable alternative to radioactive tracers. The new technology utilizes a non-radioactive ceramic proppant that contains a high thermal neutron capture compound (HTNCC).

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Haynesville shale

Gone are the days of expansion and buoyant expectations. The industry has turned on a dime and, in the midst of world tumult and economic crises, companies are sorting through their prospects. In 2009’s dour reality, one play that remains at the head of most lists is the Haynesville shale.

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Production Acceleration or Additional Recovery? Long-Term Benefits of Improved Fracture Treatments

Improved fracture-treatment designs can increase production rates from many reservoirs. However, do these changes merely accelerate recovery, or is incremental production gained by changing the fracture design? The authors re-examined three tight gas case studies published in the past 10 years.

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The Hierarchy of Oily Conductivity

In 2010, the US petroleum industry accomplished a feat that not many thought was possible only a few years ago—annual production of crude oil on American soil rose two consecutive years for the first time in almost 25 years. This is incredible, considering the battering this industry suffered during the 2008 financial crisis.

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Resolving Created, Propped, and Effective Hydraulic-Fracture Length

The full-length paper compares the strengths, weaknesses, and limitaions of fracture modeling, porduction-data analysis (PDA), pressure-transient analysis (PTA), and numerical reservoir modeling in estimating effective fracture length and conductivity.

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CARBO Ceramic's focus: improving production rates

Business is booming for CARBO Ceramics, which helps energy companies enhance the productivity and financial performance of new and existing oil and gas wells around the globe.

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Frac Design Optimizes Bakken Wells

The Middle Bakken play of the Williston Basin has generated significant interest, with more than 45 companies completing wells in North Dakota and Montana. However, no industry consensus has yet emerged regarding the optimal drilling and stimulation strategies.

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Study Integrates Fracturing, Production

The Lower Cotton Valley sands in North Louisiana are a complex reservoir system consisting of multiple,low-permeability layers.

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Advanced completion design, fracture modeling technologies optimize Eagle Ford performance

Unconventional resources require fracture stimulation to achieve economic production rates and recoveries. However, hydraulic fracture modeling in resource plays, specifically in the Eagle Ford Shale, is challenging and often reduced to “rules of thumb” and design concepts taken from other shale plays.

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