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Single-treatment scale prevention sustains production: Utah

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered inhibition keeps oil flowing, eliminates frequent, high-cost remedi...

Fracture technologies and proppant
Safely charting the course for emerging play development: Middle East

CARBONRT inert tracer technology validates diversion effectiveness, provides keen insight fo...

Fracture technologies and proppant
Middle East
Effectively measuring propped fracture geometry in challenging unconventional wells - Saudi Arabia

CARBONRT inert tracer technology helps detect fracture height in challenging well conditions and ...

Fracture technologies and proppant
Saudi Arabia
Casting defects eliminated, saving a billion-dollar casting project

Switching to ACCUCAST ceramic casting media from olivine sand achieved necessary dimensional...

Industrial technologies
Cast media costs reduced by 55% per cubic foot and cleaning time lowered by 75%

Switch to ACCUCAST ceramic casting media from zircon sand improves the quality of specialty ...

Industrial technologies
Production rate increase avoids capital investment for a new line addition

ACCUCAST ceramic casting media increases production and reduces defects compared to silica s...

Industrial technologies
Cleaning cost reduced while achieving high casting precision

Replacing olivine sand with ACCUCAST ceramic casting media reduces cleaning costs and eliminates ...

Industrial technologies
Reduction in media use and metal penetration significantly lowers operational cost

Replacing silica sand with ACCUCAST ceramic casting media eliminates penetration and veining defe...

Industrial technologies
New technology sets IP milestone in deep gas well: Pennsylvania

KRYPTOSPHERE LD reduces completion costs while delivering among Utica's highest flow rates

Fracture technologies and proppant
On-site diagnostics helps net $1.7 million savings — Eagle Ford

Reinforces value of step-down tests, analytical expertise in identifying and eliminating complica...

Fracture consulting
Eagle Ford,Texas,US
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