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TANKGUARD Cone Bottom Product Information Sheet

The patented* TANKGUARD maintenance-free impermeable tank base provides a stable and durable platform for above-ground storage tanks that are more quickly and easily installed than cement pads, and more efficient and easier to maintain than pea gravel.


  • The original and only tank base patented for its groundbreaking impervious design
  •  Proprietary modified polyurea coating technology provides the highest level of durability in the industry
  • Lightweight, interlocking design facilitates quick and easy installation
  • Proven reliability in more than 20,000 installations


  • Tanks can be installed immediately— no advance construction time needed
  • No costly remediation if tank fails
  • Minimizes tank corrosion
    • Displaces moisture below tank
    • Insulator/non-conductor
  • Easy access to tank manway for cleaning and maintenance
* TANKGUARD is covered by the following patents, along with others: US 8,734,052 , US 9,410,302 , US D773,012



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