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How to get the most out of your multi‐stage unconventional fracture design

White paper: In‐depth engineering evaluation in the Utica/Point Pleasant unconventional play opens the door for alternative completion designs that deliver more uniform fracture coverage with corresponding increases in production and economic returns.

Technical paper
Completion Optimization Provides Step Changes in Horizontal Well Performance in the Oooguruk Field, Alaska (SPE 174743)

Documenting the completion and fracturing-design evolution for secondary recovery over several vintages of wells, as well as the use of preinstalled tracer systems to verify production uniformity and diversion success.

Technical summaries and paper
Improving Hydraulic Fracture Design; a Key to Achieving a Higher Level of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Performance (184816)

Improvements to frac treatment design can mitigate hydraulic fracture inefficiency and improve the economics of multi-fractured horizontal completions.

Technical presentation
Far-Field Proppant Detection Using Electromagnetic Methods - Latest Field Results (184880)

Latest field trial results for electro-magnetic methods for far-field proppant detection.

Technical paper
SCALEGUARD shows potential to double production life: Manitoba

Using SCALEGUARD avoids costly remediation and production decline due to severe scale deposition

Case history
Hydraulic Fracture Height Estimation in an Unconventional Vertical Well in the Vaca Muerta Formation , Neuquen Basin, Argentina (SPE 179145)

​One of the major uncertainties in the analysis of unconventional well productivity is the estimation of the hydraulic fracture height generated during stimulation operations. This study was carried out in a well located in the Neuquen Basin, Argentina with main focus on the development of unconventional shale oil.

Technical paper
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