Asset protection

Asset protection

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES has developed a revolutionary polyurea coating that provides unmatched protection for wellsite assets as well as the environment.

Virtually eliminate maintenance costs

This proprietary technology is engineered to completely seal and protect surfaces, eliminating the need for routine maintenance. The polyurea coating has been age-tested to 75+ years by an independent laboratory.

Reduce replacement costs

By significantly extending asset life, our technology can substantially reduce replacement costs over time. In fact, when total cost of ownership is considered, oil and gas operators can realize a generous return on their investment by using our products and services.

Avoid the significant costs of spills and remediation

Conservative estimates based on industry data illustrate that an average recordable spill causing a remediation event can result in expenses more than eight times the cost of installing a secondary containment system from FALCON TECHNOLOGIES. Plus, our seamless, impermeable liner allows full recapture of revenue-generating product that has been spilled.

With immediate and long-term benefits, FALCON TECHNOLOGIES solutions are engineered to protect your assets.


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