FALCON LINER technology

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES has developed a revolutionary spray-on polyurea liner and coating technology that provides unmatched protection for our clients’ wellsites, their production and the environment.

Eliminates the risk of leaks

The FALCON LINER adheres to a variety of surfaces, providing a seamless, durable, maintenance-free layer of protection in a wide range of wellsite applications. FALCON LINER technology virtually eliminates the risk of leaks or other environmental issues.

Reduced maintenance and replacement costs

Our liner provides a continuous barrier that protects against corrosive elements commonly found at the wellsite. It dramatically extends asset life, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs. As a result, FALCON LINER technology is a highly cost-effective solution.

Lasting durability

FALCON LINER technology is engineered, tested and proven for maximum durability. It maintains impermeability and puncture resistance under exposure to harsh UV and weather extremes. Independent laboratory testing has shown that our liner has a useful life of 75+ years.

Advanced technology for consistent coverage

Our secondary containment and water storage systems, reusable spill containment, and pre-fabricated liner feature a coating that is pre-sprayed onto a flexible geotextile base by our unique computer-controlled, robotic system. This provides a precise, consistent layer of protection and facilitates a quicker installation.

Proprietary technology, unmatched protection

The advanced FALCON LINER technology provides extraordinary protection. Nothing else comes close.

FALCON LINER technology chart
*Note that polyurethane or hybridized liners are used by some service companies to lower costs, which generally sacrifices the positive characteristics seen in polyurea.
**Life expectancy is limited; will require replacement within a few years.


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