LOCATIONGUARD wellsite lining service

The LOCATIONGUARD wellsite lining service enables you to create a seamless barrier between the environment and corrosive elements commonly found in completions operations. Should a spill occur on the liner, it is contained and can be easily cleaned, avoiding a reportable incident, costly remediation and negative publicity.

Tailored to your requirements

Our experienced team designs each installation based on the requirements of each wellsite or application using our industry-leading range of lining products and spray-on coatings.

Our products and technologies can be used to create lining solutions sized to fit individual equipment or used as temporary secondary containment for tanks. Our highly flexible lining technologies can be used with multiple berm materials such as plastic, PVC and timber to fit with customer requirements. All of our products and components are easily cleaned.

Field proven technology

Our wellsite lining service features products and coatings that use our proprietary  polyurea liner technology. Our liner technology maintains impermeability and puncture resistance under exposure to harsh UV and weather extremes, resulting in long life with minimal maintenance requirements.

The durability and performance of our revolutionary liner has been proven in more than 36,000 containment installations.

Our wellsite lining service provides optimal performance, superior value and uncompromising environmental protection

  • Geotextile material coated with a completely seamless and impermeable layer of proprietary modified polyurea
  • State-of-the-art, automated application process ensures a consistent layer of durable protection
  • Engineered and tested to resist tearing, puncturing and most oilfield chemicals
  • Customize size, color and thickness to fit any application
  • Lasts longer than HDPE to provide industry-leading environmental protection from spills
  • Lays flat for easy installation
  • Durable under heavy truck traffic
  • Maintenance-free, easily cleaned and reused on multiple sites
  • Highest customer satisfaction due design flexibility and fast turnaround on custom orders

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