Salt water disposal

In the production of oil and natural gas, salt water is often an unwelcome byproduct. The regulations for salt water disposal (SWD) are as stringent as those for petroleum products.

Seamless, durable protection that stands up to salt water

Proprietary FALCON LINER polyurea coating/liner technology provides a sprayed-on polyurea elastomer that is seamless, durable and maintenance-free. The FALCON LINER system virtually eliminates the risk of leaks or other environmental issues.

Our SITEGUARD seamless secondary containment systems stand up to the application of salt water disposal wells and have been proven to meet and exceed the specifications of rigorous localized guidelines regarding salt water disposal.


  • Proprietary technology produces a seamless, durable liner
  • Not affected by corrosive elements
  • Specially designed and equipped trailers provide service even in remote locations
  • 18-month limited warranty


  • Prevents recordable spills and related costs
  • Age-tested to 75+ years, dramatically extending the useful life of assets and reducing replacement costs
  • Containment areas become a low-maintenance environment, reducing site operations costs

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