CARBOGRIND ceramic grinding media

CARBOGRIND ceramic media products are engineered to provide superior strength, hardness and uniform shape that result in a high resistance to particle attrition and compressive breakdown. Our sintering process yields a Mohs hardness that approaches that of a diamond.

Superior value over silica sand

Our ceramic grinding media provides value superior to silica sand and many other specialty media products. The durability of ceramic media results in longer product life, while the uniform size and spherical shape add efficiency to the grind and reduce wear on mechanical parts of milling equipment.

CARBOGRIND ceramic media products have been used in both vertically and horizontally configured wet mills. Our ceramic media products are inert and contain no quartz silica.

CARBOGRIND — Low-density, medium-strength, medium-hardness, light-color ceramic media

These products are typically used in vertical-designed milling devices where a low product density is preferred for operational efficiency, medium strength and hardness are adequate and a light color of the final product is critical.


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