The Production Enhancement Cycle™

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As the world’s leading production enhancement company, CARBO has developed a unique approach to design, build and optimize fractures. This cycle delivers higher production levels on and offshore, increases estimated ultimate recovery and lowers finding and development costs per barrel of oil.

The CARBO commitment to ‘do it right the first time’ focuses our expertise and resources on ensuring every fracture becomes a long-term productive asset for your business.

Production Enhancement Cycle
Products and Services: 
Fracture software and services Fracture technologies and services Fracture consulting services Spill prevention and containment

Fracture Software
and Services

Our unique fracture software and services help you accelerate the design and engineering of optimized fractures.

Fracture Technologies and Services
Our industry-leading portfolio of quality fracture technologies and services enhance conductivity, improve flow and assure long-term production.

Fracture Consulting Services
Our fracture consulting services enhance fracture design, field development plans and reservoir recovery.

Spill Prevention and Containment
Our products are engineered to protect against leaks and spills, safeguarding the environment and your reputation.