EQUIPMENTGUARD maintenance-free modular equipment base pad

The EQUIPMENTGUARD maintenance-free modular base pad provides a stable and durable platform for heavy equipment. The EQUIPMENTGUARD pads are engineered to provide maximum compressive strength and stability despite their light weight.

A superior pad for any conditions

The pads are constructed with a proprietary modified polyurea surface coating that provides a seamless, impermeable, maintenance-free layer of protection. It resists punctures and exposure to the harshest UV, chemical and temperature extremes (-40º F to 165º F).

EQUIPMENTGUARD pads install quicker, last longer and require less upkeep than gravel, concrete, asphalt or other base types.

EQUIPMENTGUARD maintenance-free modular equipment base pad

Create custom pads in any configuration

EQUIPMENTGUARD pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a base for any piece of equipment. For rectangular bases, 7’ x 4’ linear sections are available with interlocking or squared end caps.

For unusual shapes and sizes, build-to-suit modular designs can be assembled with pad sections 4’ x 5.5’ or 4’ x 10.5’. The unique design features sections with locking keys to attach pieces to each other, and half keys to create flush borders.


  • Patent-pending design is engineered to support heavy equipment
  • Lightweight and non-permeable polyurea material
  • Resistant to UV, chemical and temperature extremes
  • Non-rigid construction dampens vibration
  • Minimizes equipment corrosion
    • Displaces moisture at ground level
    • Insulating/non-conductive
  • Easily cleaned and re-used


  • Versatile, interlocking pads can be assembled in custom sizes and shapes
  • Lightweight pads allow quick and easy installation
  • Equipment can be installed immediately—no advance construction time needed
  • Quieter operation of equipment in, near, or on buildings
  • Preserves life of equipment for lower total cost of ownership
  • Can be disposed of in a landfill
  • Proprietary coating technology used in more than 36,000 installations without failure

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