MOBILEGUARD reusable spill containment

MOBILEGUARD reusable spill containment (duck pond)

Minimal maintenance, superior protection

MOBILEGUARD reusable spill containment pads create a seamless barrier for true protection from small leaks and spills during operations.

MOBILEGUARD pads use our proprietary FALCON LINER modified polyurea lining and coating technology. Our liner technology maintains impermeability and puncture resistance under exposure to harsh UV and weather extremes, resulting in long life with minimal maintenance requirements. Only a single layer of our 100% polyurea liner is required for superior protection.

The durability and performance of our revolutionary liner has been proven in more than 34,000 containment installations. Should a spill occur on the liner, it is contained and can be cleaned easily, avoiding a reportable incident, costly remediation and negative publicity.

Our pads provide optimal performance, superior value and uncompromising environmental protection. Like all FALCON TECHNOLOGIES products, it is engineered to protect your investment, the environment and your reputation.

Highly-flexible portable protection

MOBILEGUARD reusable spill containment pads provide temporary, mobile protection for the environment from small spills and leaks. The pads can be placed under trucks, generators, compressors, small tanks, frac tanks, hose/pipe connections, or other equipment.

Our pads can be custom built to any size specification. The most common sizes are designed to contain 10.5 and 21 gallons of spilled fluids.


  • Proven seamless protection from leaks and spills
  • Engineered and tested to resist tearing, puncturing and most oilfield chemicals
  • Available in a range of sizes and colors to fit any application


  • Industry-leading environmental protection
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Durable polyurea material lasts longer than HDPE or other plastics
  • Can be reused in multiple applications

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