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TANKGUARD maintenance-free impermeable tank base

The patented TANKGUARD maintenance-free impermeable tank base provides a stable and durable platform for above-ground storage tanks that are more quickly and easily installed than cement pads, and more efficient and easier to maintain than pea gravel.

Prevent corrosion, simplify remediation and reduce cost

TANKGUARD tank bases are constructed from a polyurea material that is non-permeable and inert, which greatly simplifies remediation, and reduces maintenance requirement and downtime.
By preventing contact of moisture with the base of the tank, and by acting as an insulator, our tank bases minimize corrosion and extend the lifespan of your tanks.

TANKGUARD flat bottom tank base
Flat bottom interlocking tank base

Cone-bottom interlocking tank base
Cone bottom interlocking tank base

Lightweight, interlocking design for fast installation

The unique interlocking design requires no tools to install. Typically, unpacking and installing a tank base takes no more than 5 minutes. Its light weight easily allows small adjustments just before tank setting, which reduces the need for crane adjustments. Multiple sizes and configurations are available to fit varying diameters and tank bottoms. Compact packaging makes it feasible for operators to keep a ready inventory to meet rapidly changing production schedules.

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES stands behinds its tank bases with an 18-month warranty. 

  • The original and only tank base patented for its groundbreaking impervious design
  • Proprietary modified polyurea coating technology provides the highest level of durability in the industry
  • Lightweight, interlocking design facilitates quick and easy installation
  • Proven reliability in more than 20,000 installations


  • Tanks can be installed immediately—no advance construction time needed
  • No costly remediation if tank fails
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Minimizes tank corrosion
    • Displaces moisture below tank
    • Insulator/non-conductor
  • Easy access to tank manway for cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be disposed of in a landfill

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