Manufacturing solutions

Manufacturing solutions

CARBO INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES provides a variety of manufacturing solutions, enabling you to quickly and efficiently manufacture products to your precise specifications. Whether it is to meet short-term product development or long-term manufacturing needs, you gain cost efficiency and expertise without committing to long-term investment.

Manufacturing facilities to meet your market demands

Our high-capacity, state-of-the-art feasibility resources and manufacturing facilities ensure that we can bring your material and process needs from concept to full scale production. All our analytical, bench top and pilot plant resources are available to help you develop the right product the first time.

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Manufacturing flexibility

  Wet and dry blending and mixing
  Chemical treatments
  Kilns and calciners
  Infusion and coating
  Laboratory services
  4 plant locations

Product specifications to meet your customers' demanding needs
Color Options

Color options available with no color contamination

Form pellets

Form—slurry, pellets ranging from 200µ to 3,000µ, powders milled down to 3µ

Chemical img

Chemical addition—surface coatings and/or impregnation into porous pellets

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