Industrial casting media

Industrial casting media

Achieve high-precision industrial metal casting and improved economic performance with our versatile line of casting media for any application.

ACCUCAST ceramic casting media

AccucastOur ACCUCAST high-performance ceramic casting media products are engineered to outperform specialty and silica sand products as well as any other ceramic media. ACCUCAST media is chemically inert and has high thermal stability, which eliminates casting defects, ensuring dimensionally precise production of intricate and complex parts. The superior structural strength and consistent shape of CARBO ceramic pellets substantially reduce media consumption and costs as well as disposal and replacement costs. ACCUCAST media is available in low and intermediate densities. More on ACCUCAST

Eliminate OSHA PEL concerns

Unlike silica sand, CARBO ceramic casting media produces no respirable silica dust, so it easily complies with OSHA silica dust permissible exposure limits (PEL). Find out all the advantages of switching to ceramic casting media

CARBOSAND sand casting media

CARBOSANDCARBOSAND high-performance core and molding sand is pure Northern White monocrystalline sand, the highest quality industrial sand available. It is a versatile, high-performing media for any type of sand casting. With its superior quartz structure, it provides high strength and durability, uniform density, consistent permeability, thermal stability and reusability. More on CARBOSAND


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