High-performance core and molding sand for metalcasting

CARBOSAND is pure Northern White monocrystalline sand, the highest quality industrial sand available. It is a versatile, high-performing media for any type of sand casting. With its superior quartz structure, the identical grains pack into a mold of uniform density and consistent permeability.

CARBOSAND has exceptional strength, so the mold holds its shape. Its durability enhances reusability. The pure quartz composition provides thermal stability.

CARBOSAND is available in a wide range of mesh sizes and ideally suited for a variety of applications.


  • Pure Northern White sand
  • Highest strength sand available
  • Superior quartz structure
  • Uniform shape and particle size
  • Lab tested, > 99.5% pure silica sand


  • Low in alkaline oxides
  • Low surface area
  • Reduces resins and catalyst
  • Broad range of sieve sizes available
  • Meets ANSI/AWWA B100-16 standards

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