Metakaolin additive

METAKAO premium metakaolin additive is engineered to provide a high level of pozzolanic reactivity to enhance concrete and cement-based product performance.

Performance beyond standard pozzolans

The METAKAO additive reacts with the free lime in Portland cement to increase the formation of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The additional CSH formed increases the cementitious bonds in concrete to make it stronger, more durable and less porous.

Engineered for increased pozzolanic reactivity

METAKAO additive is an ultra-fine material produced from the aluminium silicate mineral kaolin. Our proprietary manufacturing process optimizes pozzolanic reactivity and ensures the product meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.


  • Improves strength, durability, and workability of Portland concrete
  • Produces a smoother finish, and minimizes cracking and shrinkage
  • Reduces permeability, alkali silica reactions (ASR) and efflorescence
  • Improved chemical and moisture resistance
  • Inert material that is safe and easy to handle


  • High-performance, high-strength and lightweight concrete
  • Precast and poured-mold concrete products
  • Oilfield cement and drilling fluids
  • Dry-bagged products
  • Fibercement and ferrocement products
  • Metal casting
  • Specialty uses

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