KRYPTOCAST LD ultra high-performance, low-density ceramic casting media

KRYPTOCAST LD ceramic casting media provides a unique combination of consistent thermal, physical and chemical properties. These characteristics provide performance advantages compared to the various sand products used for metal casting production.

Improved media flow for lower energy and production costs

KRYPTOCAST LD media is engineered with a high roundness to increase flowability for optimal media fill and release.

Improved media reclamation and reduced consumption

The strength and durability of KRYPTOCAST LD technology enables the reuse of media. The media composition improves product reclamation, resulting in reduced transportation, disposal and product replacement costs.

Engineered for increased strength and durability

KRYPTOCAST LD media is a sintered ceramic technology engineered with mullite and cristobalite crystals, which generate high hardness and durability that resist particle breakdown and reduce media consumption.

Exceptionally smooth surface reduces resin usage

KRYPTOCAST LD beads are exceptionally smooth, which reduces the amount of surface area that needs to be coated with resin. This significantly reduces resin usage and associated binder costs.

Chemically inert for increased compatibility and reduced HSE risks

KRYPTOCAST LD media is chemically inert and has proven compatible with various metals, resins and additives used in metal casting processes. Unlike zircon (radiation), chromite (chrome) and silica (quartz) sands, KRYPTOCAST LD poses no hazards and lowers environmental, safety and health concerns.

Low thermal expansion for enhanced casting quality, precision and capability

KRYPTOCAST LD media produces a low linear thermal expansion that avoids the occurrence of expansion-related defects such as veining, penetration and burn-on and the associated costs to clean, correct or scrap the part. The low linear expansion properties increase the dimensional accuracy of the casting to provide you with the capability to cast more complex parts.

Uniform particle size for increased permeability

The uniform size and shape of the media maximizes mold porosity and enhances permeability. These characteristics improve pellet strength to resist gas defects and breakdown. Broadly sieved and irregularly shaped media, such as naturally occurring sands and low quality ceramics, pack more tightly, resulting in molds with reduced porosity and permeability.

Eliminate OSHA PEL concerns

Unlike silica sand, CARBO ceramic casting media produces no respirable silica dust, so it easily complies with OSHA silica dust permissible exposure limits (PEL). Find out all the advantages of switching to ceramic casting media


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