Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

CARBO INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES provides mineral toll processing services, enabling you to efficiently manufacture products to your precise specifications and in the highest quality standards. You gain cost efficiency and expertise without committing to long-term investment.

Manufacturing facilities to meet your market demands

Our high-capacity, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable you to meet market demand while avoiding large investment in new facilities, maintenance costs or specialized personnel. Our advanced processing capabilities can deliver manufacturing efficiency and improve product quality. Our contract manufacturing services include analytical testing and quality control.

Manufacturing capabilities:

  • Sintering—rotary kilns up to 3,000° F
  • Calcining (direct/indirect) and drying
  • Particle size manipulation, mixing and pelletizing
  • Pilot plant and full QC lab services at every plant
  • Packaging—50 lb to full rail cars

Laboratory services to support your product development

The CARBO Technology Center provides laboratory services to support your processing and product development requirements. We can help you to bring new or custom products to market faster with our contract manufacturing services.

Laboratory services:

  • Particle size analysis—SediGraph and sieve analysis
  • Analysis of ICP metals, carbon and sulfur
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
  • Hardness and stress loading testing of pellets
  • Research and development services

Broad experience to understand your needs

Our experience includes minerals processing and the manufacturing of advanced products for the oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, metal casting and minerals processing industries.



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