CARBOBALL biodegradable diversion ball sealer

Improve stimulation efficiency and effectiveness

The CARBOBALL biodegradable diversion ball sealer (patent pending*) rapidly isolates opened perforations, redirecting fracturing fluids to non-stimulated perforation clusters, creating new fractures and ensuring more uniform stimulation coverage.
CARBOBALL ball sealer is available in two temperature specifications:
  • CARBOBALL LT biodegradable diversion ball for low temperature applications, recommended for reservoir temperatures between 85-150°F (29-66°C)
  •  CARBOBALL MT biodegradable diversion ball for mid temperature applications, recommended for reservoir temperatures between 160-220°F (71-104°C)
  • Temporarily sealing existing perforations and breaking down new perforations in refracs
  • Suitable for slickwater, linear and crosslinked gel hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing and acid fracturing applications
  • Rapidly forms a durable seal with a high mechanical integrity to divert hydraulic fracturing and acidizing fluids
  • Degrades naturally and dissolves fully in aqueous fluids with no formation damage or clean-up requirements
  • Compatible with common stimulation fluids and additives
  • Soluble in brine, freshwater and acid
  • Dissolves quickly after fracture is complete and reservoir temperature is reached in wellbore
  • Environmentally acceptable and non‑toxic
  • Available in multiple ball sizes to suit application: 0.875” (standard), 0.625”, 0.5” (or custom sizes)

*CARBOBALL is covered by the following patent application: US 2017/0210976.

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