NANOMITE C ceramic microproppant

Ensure your microfractures contribute to production
NANOMITE C ceramic microproppant is a fraction of the size of the smallest ceramic proppant commonly deployed. Production can be improved if secondary and microfractures are propped open.

NANOMITE C microproppant has excellent transport characteristics and provides the strength and durability to hold open microfractures in higher closure stress conditions.

Over 5 times smaller particles than 100 mesh frac sand

NANOMITE C ceramic microproppant contains a broad range of particle sizes within the 150/635 mesh (100 μm to 20 μm) range. The smallest NANOMITE C particles are over 5 times smaller than the smallest particles in 100 mesh frac sand. As a result, it provides much of the benefits of 100 mesh proppant, while propping open even the narrowest secondary fractures and microfractures.
Significantly slower settling velocity for excellent proppant transport characteristics
The broad range of small particle sizes results in varied settling velocities, ensuring NANOMITE C particles link the benefit in the primary fractures to the furthest tips of the microfractures. The average settling rate of 100 mesh sand is over twice as fast as NANOMITE particles.

The small size and enhanced transport characteristics enable the microproppant to navigate tight angles experienced in complex fracture networks, reaching otherwise untapped microfractures contributing increased production. NANOMITE C particles transport well in slickwater fluids to improve reservoir contact and fracture conductivity in microfractures. This can be further enhanced by utilizing special fluids which support farther penetration.

Durable to maintain long-term conductivity

NANOMITE C microproppant is high quality ceramic proppant that has the compressive strength and durability to maintain fracture conductivity and more space for hydrocarbon flow under closure stress.

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