NANOMITE microproppant

Ensure your microfractures contribute to production

Microfractures created within a complex fracture network close shortly after the release of hydraulic pressure and heal sometime thereafter. Unless these fractures are propped open, the production contribution from them can become minimized.
Conventional proppant is too large to fit into these microfractures and its transport characteristics limit how far it travels into the stimulated area, limiting Propped Reservoir Volume™ (PRV™) and ultimately, recovery and return.
NANOMITE microproppant is a fraction of the size of the smallest proppant commonly deployed. Production can be improved if secondary and microfractures are propped open.

Increase your propped reservoir volume for more recovery

NANOMITE microproppant increases the propped fracture height, width and length maximizing the productive reservoir contact area.
Long-term production gains can be achieved by propping open microfractures in the stimulated areas so that they contribute to hydrocarbon flow, increasing production, estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) and return on investment (ROI).

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

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