Production services

Production services

The CARBO Production Services team develops production enhancement solutions that provide you with new, more effective and efficient ways to assure production, increase flow and understand your fractures—optimizing your production and field development strategy.
From designing long-term production assurance programs to delivering precise fracture measurements throughout the life of the well, we provide design, supervision, monitoring and evaluation service support across our proppant- delivered production assurance, flow enhancement and fracture evaluation technologies and services.

A complete service for total production assurance

Various production issues such as scale can dramatically impair production systems and negatively impact flow rates.

 The CARBO Production Services team engineers each solution based on the unique characteristics of your reservoir. This ensures it efficiently protects long‑term production while maintaining fracture conductivity and integrity.

Our team provides wellsite services to ensure that each treatment is executed as designed, and evaluation services to confirm inhibitor levels are above specification—ensuring that each treatment provides long-lasting, cost‑effective protection.

Our production assurance services include:

Engineered solutions
  • Treatment design based off reservoir analysis and well productivity
  • Active chemical and concentrations selection
  • Base substrate proppant determination
  • GUARD technology to proppant ratio
Wellsite services
  • Precise blending of GUARD into base proppant
  • Treatment supervision and documentation
Evaluation services
  • Field sampling/wellsite testing
  • Production fluids analysis
  • Post-treatment laboratory evaluation and validation
  • Product longevity reporting

High definition fracture measurements to optimize production and field development

Using our FRACTUREVISION proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service, our team provides you with high definition measurements that help you to optimize production, completion efficiency and field development. Our team can provide measurements and evaluations that help you to:

  • Directly measure propped fracture height
  • Determine propped fracture coverage and improve perforation efficiency
  • Determine if all zones have been stimulated as planned
  • Understand duning effects
  • Verify diversion
  • Understand near-wellbore connectivity to avoid overflushing
  • Identify optimal stage spacing
  • Improve fracture geometry modeling accuracy
  • Develop integrated solutions to calibrate propped fracture network and SRV models

To enable this service, our team integrates our unique CARBONRT inert tracer technology into your ceramic completion design, or the blending of an engineered ratio of CARBONRT ULTRA technology into your sand completion design. Our team provides fracture treatment supervision to safeguard job execution.

Maintain and enhance the space to flow

Our Production Services team can help you to build fractures that optimize flow, production and hydrocarbon recovery through the integration of our proppant-delivered flow enhancement technologies into your fracture designs.
By engineering our ceramic proppant with RPM relative permeability modification technology, our team can prevent the retention of water-based fracture fluids in the pore throats of your fracture. As a result, fracture clean-up is improved, and effective fracture conductivity, length and permeability is increased.

Enhanced production through integration

Our Production Services team collaborates closely with the STRATAGEN fracture consulting services business to provide integrated fracture design and evaluation, well performance evaluation and onsite fracture supervision and advisory services.
Together, this unique fracture-focused offering provides everything you need to design, build and optimize the frac—resulting in enhanced production, increased recovery and lower finding and development costs per BOE.


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