Proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services

Proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services

Identifying the optimal fracture and completion design is critical to maximizing production, recovery and the economic success of unconventional plays.

To provide operators with a better understanding of their well and fractures to inform the optimization of fracture and completion designs, CARBO has invested in the development of proppant-delivered evaluation services.

Precise, high definition measurements

The FRACTUREVISION proppant delivered fracture evaluation service enables precise fracture evaluation to be performed efficiently and safely throughout the life of the well. The service directly detects proppant placement and provides a direct measurement of propped fracture height. These measurements can then be used to enhance perforation cluster design and stage efficiency to optimize completion programs and field development plans for a reservoir.

Safely and efficiently evaluate ceramic and sand completed wells
Our fracture evaluation services have been enabled by our unique CARBONRT inert tracer technology for ceramic-based completion designs, and CARBONRT ULTRA technology for sand-based designs. The inert, permanent tracer is evaluated using a neutron logging tool and can directly measure fracture height at any time throughout the life of the well.

We are developing further applications of tracer technologies such as gravel pack, well integrity and completion evaluation services to provide our clients with valuable additional information that will help them to assure and enhance production.

More ways to enhance your production

Our fracture evaluation service is complemented by our FRACPRO software and STRATAGEN fracture consulting services. Our STRATAGEN team can perform fracture engineering and modeling based on measurements from the service to develop optimized fracture designs based on the optimal balance of contact and conductivity in the reservoir.

In addition to our proppant-delivered fracture evaluation technologies and services we are also introducing proppant-delivered production assurance and proppant-delivered flow enhancement technologies to further enhance production and increase recovery.


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