Optimize perforation, stage and well spacing

By identifying the optimal stage, perforation and well spacing our service helps you to improve completion efficiency and optimize field development.

The optimization of your fracture, stage and well spacing early in your field development program can reduce the number of wells required and substantially reduce the cost to effectively exploit the full potential of your reservoir.

The precise measurements obtained using our service improves the accuracy of the calculations of stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) and EUR which helps you to make more informed development decisions.

Improve perforation efficiency

Our service can be used to evaluate how many perforations have taken proppant and been successfully stimulated in horizontal wells. By varying the number of perforation clusters in each interval perforation cluster efficiency can be evaluated and adjusted to achieve optimal perforation spacing.


Identify optimal stage spacing

In both vertical and horizontal wells, our proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service can be used to pinpoint propped stage intervals to identify which zones and intervals have been stimulated as planned. This information can be used to identify optimal stage spacing and any potential zones for re‑stimulation.

Optimize_stage_spacing.jpgOptimize well spacing

Propped fracture half-length can be determined by detecting fracture hits on offset wells from a well that has been treated with CARBONRT technology. The spacing of subsequent wells in the program can then be adjusted until the optimal spacing between wells has been reached.

Diversion verification

Until now the success of expensive diversion operations can only be evaluated several years into the productive life of the well or by using radioactive-based technologies. With the FRACTUREVISION service you can now simply alternate the use of the divertor on stages and then measure the number of perforations that have taken proppant in each stage to immediate verify the success of diversion operations.

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