KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology

KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology is engineered to maximize and sustain hydrocarbon flow rates for the life of the well.

This step-change technology is available as KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density and KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant to suit your well conditions and field economics.

Ultra-conductive technology delivers:

  • More flow space
  • More uniform flow paths
  • More long-term conductivity
  • More production, increased EUR and superior IRR

The pinnacle of proppant technology

From their introduction in the 1970s, the properties of man-made proppant have improved incrementally; however, KRYPTOSPHERE technology represents a technological step change by offering unparalleled levels of conductivity, strength and durability.


Engineered for today’s production enhancement challenges

KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology delivers increased production, recovery and return on investment from any reservoir. Both KRYPTOSPHERE LD and KRYPTOSPHERE HD technology variants maintain higher levels of conductivity at higher closure stresses than sand and conventional ceramic proppant.

In a market where every barrel of production is critical, the technology enables you to realize the reservoir’s production potential while lowering finding and development cost per BOE.

Increase production, EUR and ROI in all reservoir conditions

KRYPTOSPHERE technology enables you to build the optimal balance of contact, conductivity and durability required to improve the production and economic performance across the entire range of low to ultra-high closure stress conditions.

Low density for lower F&D costs and increased recovery

KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant has been developed to provide the highest levels of production and recovery across the entire range of low and high stress conditions.
The technology significantly exceeds the conductivity, compressive strength and durability of existing low-density proppant. In addition, the KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology provides comparable and, in many cases, higher conductivity than intermediate-density and bauxite ceramics while delivering improved proppant transport and increased propped fracture volume.

High density for ultra-high closure stress and high risk environments

KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant has been specifically engineered for high closure stress and risk environments, including ultra-deepwater regions such as the Gulf of Mexico.
As the only proppant suitable for ultra-high closure stress environments, our high-density variant of the technology provides a step-change in conductivity, compressive strength and durability: significantly outperforming any other proppant available.
The development of KRYPTOSPHERE HD technology was in direct response to an operator’s request for a proppant that could deliver new levels of conductivity at 20,000 psi closure stresses.

Precision engineered

The creation of a high performance, ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology has involved engineering key characteristics including grain size, shape and strength. An exceptional microstructure means that KRYPTOSPHERE technology looks—and performs—unlike any other proppant.

KRYPTOSPHERE LD whole and cross section


KRYPTOSPHERE HD whole and cross section


Superior smoothness and roundness

The smooth surface and superior shape of each proppant grain creates a more uniform flow path than conventional proppant which have an irregular shape and rough outer surface. Together, these characteristics improve the overall conductivity of the pack.

Uniform size

KRYPTOSPHERE technology is a single-mesh product that offers a new level of uniformity compared to typical proppant, where grain size can vary between 3 to 4 mesh sizes. Mono-sized proppant create more uniform pore throats that maximize the available flow space while minimizing the potential for fines trapping.

Protect downhole equipment

Beyond its superior strength and conductivity, KRYPTOSPHERE technology introduces additional benefits during fracture design and pumping.

The extreme smoothness of KRYPTOSPHERE technology makes it significantly less erosive to downhole and surface equipment than rough, irregularly shaped proppant. As a result, operators can place more proppant per job to maximize their propped frac volumes. By helping to protect downhole equipment, our unique technology also means a lower cost of failures and reduced levels of non-productive time.

Outperforms conventional ceramic proppant

The unique engineering of KRYPTOSPHERE technology yields higher levels of performance than conventional ceramic proppant.


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