Contact & conductivity

Build the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for your reservoir

The fracture is the vital connection between the wellbore and the reservoir. Building each fracture with the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir is critical to production performance and the economic success of any stimulated well.

Any loss of conductivity or contact, for instance where fracture integrity has failed or permeability has been lost by the pore throats being blocked by trapped fluids or fines, can dramatically reduce hydrocarbon flow or even cut off flow.

Enhance the performance of every fractured well

Across our portfolio of high quality, high performance proppant we have the highest conductivity available at a range of densities to provide you with the optimal balance of contact and conductivity in order to meet your production, recovery and AFE objectives in any reservoir.

Our wide-ranging portfolio of high performance proppant enables operators to design and build fractures to address the unique characteristics of the formation, in applications ranging from slickwater fracturing to the highest-stress downhole environments.

Superior production and economic performance to sand

Sand and sand-based materials have historically been the most popular type of proppant due to availability and low cost. Although sand provides high contact, it has very low conductivity and durability which means that it results in lower production and economic performance than high performance ceramic proppant.

Our high performance ceramic yields measurably superior results versus sand-based products, by delivering higher conductivity and fracture durability, with higher production and increased recovery – more than offsetting any incremental initial cost. Incremental AFE cost can be avoided by adopting more efficient fracture and completion designs enabled by the significantly higher conductivity in every foot of contact that high performance ceramic proppant delivers.


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