Proppant-delivered flow enhancement

Proppant-delivered flow enhancement

The CARBO portfolio of high performance, high quality proppant provides our clients with more space to flow, maintaining the highest levels of conductivity in downhole conditions for the life of the well.

To further enhance the space to flow in your fractures CARBO has been investing in the development of proppant-delivered flow enhancement technologies to increase hydrocarbon flow and recovery.

Utilizing our petrotechnical, materials science, chemistry and manufacturing expertise we integrate flow enhancement technologies into the fracture to deliver treatments directly into the reservoir.

Our first proppant-delivered flow enhancement technology to be commercialized is RPM technology.

RPM relative permeability modification technology

RPM relative permeability modification technology is engineered to alter the wettability of proppant to neutral, preventing the retention of water-based fluid in the proppant pack.

As a result, RPM technology increases the effective fracture length, conductivity and permeability of the pack to hydrocarbons, leading to higher production and increased ultimate recovery.

RPM technology diagram

More ways to enhance your production

In addition to our proppant-delivered flow enhancement technologies we are also developing proppant-delivered production assurance and proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services to help enhance production and increase recovery.


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