Production enhancement challenges

Increase well productivity and EUR

Well stimulation is critical to the economic success of almost every operator in today’s production landscape. CARBO technologies and approaches increase hydrocarbon production and recovery, while reducing finding and development costs per BOE.

Design, build and optimize the frac

Design, build and optimize the frac

CARBO advisors help operators enhance well performance by ensuring each fracture achieves the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir, and design and build propped fractures based on the unique characteristics of the reservoir and that address specific stimulation, completion and production enhancement challenges of the play.

We integrate unique technologies and intellectual capital to deliver higher production and increased EUR from every fracture, helping our clients design the frac using our software, build it with our technologies and optimize it using our consulting services. The result: a lower total finding and development cost per BOE.

Key technologies and services: FRACPRO fracture software |CARBO fracture technologies and proppant |STRATAGEN fracture consulting

Deepwater production enhancement

Deepwater production enhancement

Significant investment in deepwater well development makes high production rates and maximized recovery essential. CARBO technology helps solve critical deepwater completion and production challenges, and safeguards valuable operational assets. Ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant sustains crucial fracture conductivity at ultra-high closure stresses, while proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology prevents scale formation throughout the entire production system for the life of the well. For increased injection and production rates our innovative proppant pack consolidation technology protects vital pack integrity. More on deepwater production enhancement


HPHT wells

HPHT production enhancement

Fracturing in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) conditions requires careful proppant selection—low quality proppant cannot withstand the rigorous demands of these operating circumstances. CARBO ceramic proppant, in contrast, excels in HPHT conditions: delivering the highest possible conductivity and crush resistance, at a range of densities, to provide an ongoing optimized balance of contact and conductivity. Proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology withstands high closure stresses, providing protection from scale as well as long-term production assurance. More on HPHT production enhancement


Offshore wells

Offshore production enhancement challenges

Offshore development calls for increased investment, creating extra pressure for operators to optimize production rates and recovery, and deliver maximum returns. CARBO high-performance ceramic proppant technologies solve offshore completion and production challenges, and safeguard valuable assets. A single application of proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology, prevents scale formation throughout an offshore field’s production system for the life of the well. More on offshore production enhancement

Long-term, low-cost production assurance

Production assurance challenges

Scale formation adversely affects production rate and increases well maintenance costs. Proppant-delivered production assurance technologies help maintain optimal production rates and maximize ultimate recovery, delivering treatments directly into the fracture—with no impact on conductivity. More on production assurance challanges

Key production assurance technologies: GUARD|SCALEGUARD

Unconventional plays

Unconvention production enhancement challenges

CARBO has a proven track record of delivering key technologies and services to clients operating in unconventional reservoirs, as well as designing fracture and completion strategies to optimize production efficiency and maximize returns. More on unconventional reservoirs


Fracture and completion evaluation

Fracture and completion evaluation

Proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services precisely measure near-wellbore propped fracture height and width, enabling operators to improve fracture geometry models. Through the use of inert tracer technology, high-definition fracture evaluation can be performed by locating exact proppant location versus alternative methods that only show fracture location. Our fracture engineering teams develop optimized fracture designs to better balance reservoir contact and conductivity. More on fracture and completion evaluation

Key technologies and services: CARBONRT|CARBONRT ULTRA| Fracture consulting services

Improving completion and fracturing efficiency 

WELLWORX well performance analysis service

Lowering finding and development costs per BOE is critical to the viability of unconventional plays. CARBO technologies and services help operators achieve an optimal completion strategy for every well, optimizing production rates, recovery and return on investment. More on fracturing and completion efficiency


Fracture conductivity and proppant pack integrity

Fracture conductivity and proppant pack integrity

Building each fracture with a balance of contact and conductivity is critical to optimize production performance. A loss of conductivity or contact can dramatically reduce, or even cut off, hydrocarbon flow. The CARBO portfolio of high quality, high performance ceramic proppant—and exclusive fracture technologies—maintain the optimal balance between contact and conductivity, for the life of the well. More on fracture conductivity and proppant pack integrity



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