Fracture and completion evaluation

Optimal fracture insight and completion efficiency

Operators can maximize fracturing and completion efficiency by developing an optimal approach for each well. Defining the best well, completion and perforation spacing is important to economically recover as much of the production potential as possible, and maximize returns.

Accurate and reliable fracture evaluation is crucial to achieve an ideal fracture design as well as completion efficiency, production targets and even overall field development planning.

Proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services, supported by data-driven analysis techniques from CARBO, empower operators to identify the right fracture and completion design—maximizing production, recovery and the economic success of every play.

Define fractures, improve modeling

CARBONRT inert racer technology

The ability to precisely measure near-wellbore propped fracture height and width helps operators improve fracture geometry models. CARBO has developed a range of proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services to enable these measurements. Operators can clarify fracture placement and proppant uptake, quantify the quality of near-wellbore conductivity and verify diversion operations. Microseismic technology can only locate the fractures, whereas proppant-delivered fracture technology can tell operators where they actually have a propped fracture.

Inert tracer technology enables the high-definition evaluation of fractures in either ceramic or sand completed wells. Operators can accurately assess perforation cluster efficiency and connectivity to maximize estimated ultimate recovery (EUR). As the tracer is integral to the proppant matrix, it cannot be dissolved or washed away and is permanently identifiable. This means post-fracture logging is possible months, or even years later. It also avoids QHSE implications, increased risks and costs associated with radioactive tracers.


Optimize fracture and treatment design

STRATAGEN consulting services

To support our customers in achieving their production and economic objectives so that they get the best possible return from every well, CARBO provides comprehensive technical support for all our proppant and fracture technologies. We can provide end-to-end technical support from frac design and technology selection, treatment supervision and post treatment analysis.

Our team of proppant and fracture technology specialists helps you to evaluate your fracture designs and develop optimized fracture designs through the integration of our advanced technologies to create production enhancement solutions. Our team utilizes our industry-leading FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software to develop optimized frac treatments.

At the wellsite, our STRATAGEN field consulting advisors provide fracture supervision and advisory services to ensure that your fracture design is executed to plan, and perform real-time engineering required to overcome any challenges experienced during stimulation operations. Our advisors help you to continually optimize your frac designs to improve your well productivity and reduce operational costs.

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