Fracture conductivity and proppant pack integrity

Increased fracture conductivity for the life of the well

Building each fracture with a balance of contact and conductivity is critical to optimize production performance. A loss of conductivity or contact can dramatically reduce, or even cut off, hydrocarbon flow. The CARBO portfolio of high quality, high performance ceramic proppant—and exclusive fracture technologies—maintain the optimal balance between contact and conductivity, for the life of the well.

Enhance the performance of every fractured well

KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density proppant technology

CARBO high quality, high performance proppant offers the highest possible conductivity, at a range of densities, to provide the optimal balance of contact and conductivity and meet production, recovery and AFE objectives in any reservoir. CARBO ceramic proppant allows operators to tailor fractures and address unique formation characteristics, in applications ranging from slickwater fracturing to high-stress downhole environments.

Engineered to maximize and sustain hydrocarbon flow rates for the life of the well, KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant, and KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant deliver a step change in performance for every well. Both deliver more flow space, more uniform flow paths and more long-term conductivity for more production, increased EUR and superior IRR.

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology reduces F&D costs and increases recovery, while KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant optimizes performance in ultra-high closure stress and high-risk environments.


Assured integrity, increased peace of mind

FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology

The lack of closure stress in the annulus means that the crucial compressive forces required to hold or bond a proppant pack are absent. The result is a low integrity pack, prone to proppant washout and likely to lead to voids, channels, and in worst case scenarios, the complete loss of the injector well.
FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology creates a bonded, high integrity proppant pack without closure stress. FUSION technology provides vital integrity to allow operators to inject and produce at ultra-high rates, while improving well productivity, via a stable and highly permeable proppant pack. Washout from the non-compressive annulus and near-wellbore areas is prevented, and pack integrity can be evaluated for the life of the well.

Key technologies: FUSION


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