Fracturing and completion efficiency

Lower the cost and increase returns from unconventional development

Lowering finding and development costs per BOE is critical to the viability of unconventional plays in today’s market. CARBO technologies and services help operators achieve an optimal completion strategy for every well, maximizing production rates and recovery.

Reduce stimulation treatment costs while improving fracture conductivity

KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density proppant technology

Our high-performance, low-density ceramic (LDC) proppant delivers more propped reservoir volume—compared with pumping an equal mass of intermediate-strength proppant—lowering stimulation treatment sizes and costs. The high conductivity and exceptional strength of LDC proppant allows highly efficient fracture designs to be employed to improve production rates and EUR, without increasing AFE.

Key technologies: KRYPTOSPHERE LD

Improved proppant transport and reservoir contact

CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology

In slickwater fracturing operations the selection of a proppant with poor transport characteristics can result in reduced effective fracture heights and lengths, or require gels to be introduced into the frac fluid. Lower proppant conductivity means stimulation treatment sizes have to be increased to achieve desired production rates.
CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra-low-density, ceramic proppant technology has higher conductivity and lower proppant settlement comparable to sand, increasing reservoir coverage and contact quality. This promotes more efficient fracture designs that increase production and recovery, while reducing stimulation costs.


Optimized decisions from accurate fracture measurements

CARBONRT inert racer technology

CARBONRT inert tracer technology allows direct measurement of near-wellbore propped fracture height and width, so operators can optimize completion designs and perforation cluster spacing. The improved understanding of fracture geometry and propagation can be used to improve fracture simulation and mechanical earth model accuracy.

CARBONRT technology can be used to verify the success of fracturing operations and evaluate near-wellbore connectivity, proppant pack integrity and gravel pack placement. As an inert tracer it eliminates the HSE risks and costs of radioactive tracers.


Optimal fracture and treatment designs

WELLWORX well performance analysis service

The STRATAGEN fracture consulting team helps operators define and achieve an optimal completion strategy for every well, based on specific production and economic objectives. Operators in the Marcellus, Bakken and Eagle Ford have successfully deployed our WELLWORX well performance analysis service to identify optimal completion and stimulation treatment designs, leading to improved production and economic performance.

Key technologies: STRATAGEN | WELLWORX


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