Enhance production in the toughest conditions

Operators have been forced to explore ever-more difficult environments in the search for new hydrocarbon prospects. Many discoveries, such as those in deepwater locations, present significant high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) challenges for operators. Fracturing in HPHT wells requires careful proppant selection, given that many options cannot withstand the rigorous demands of these operating circumstances. Choosing an unsuitable proppant can lead to significant failures through crushing, and the subsequent pore throat blockages caused by fines.

Ultra-conductive proppant technology engineered for hostile conditions

KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant technology
CARBO high-quality, high-performance ceramic proppant is engineered to withstand significantly higher pressures than lower-quality alternatives. CARBO proppant excels in HPHT conditions: delivering the highest possible conductivity, at a range of densities, to provide an ongoing optimized balance of contact and conductivity to meet production, recovery and AFE objectives.

Engineered to maximize and sustain hydrocarbon flow rates in HPHT wells, KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant, and KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant deliver a step change in performance. Both deliver more flow space, more uniform flow paths, and increased long-term conductivity for higher production, increased EUR and superior IRR.

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology reduces F&D costs and increases recovery in HPHT wells, while KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant optimizes ultra-HPHT performance: easily withstanding 20,000 psi closure stress conditions.


Effective scale inbition in HPHT wells

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology
When it comes to protecting against the danger of excessive scale build-up in HPHT wells, solid chemical inhibitors are generally not suitable. They commonly break-up and generate fines that reduce fracture conductivity and reduce the length of effective scale treatment. SCALEGUARD scale-inhibiting technology utilizes high-quality proppant engineered to withstand high closure stresses, while providing protection from scale formation and long-term production assurance.

Key technologies: SCALEGUARD

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