Production assurance challenges

A single treatment for the life of the well

Formation of scale in the production tubing adversely affects production rates and increases well maintenance costs for operators. In severe conditions, it can even create a plug, completely blocking production. These issues are serious enough for operators working on land or in shallow water, but for more complex environments the associated remedial costs escalate swiftly. The ability to protect against scale formation, and avoid deferred production, helps maximize the return on investment from every well.

The most economic scale treatment

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology

The GUARD family of proppant-delivered production assurance technologies helps maintain optimal production rates and maximize ultimate recovery, efficiently and cost-effectively, by preventing flow assurance issues and protecting asset integrity. Representing a step-change in performance compared with traditional methods, the GUARD family of technologies enables CARBO proppant to act as an advanced chemical delivery system, delivering production assurance treatments directly into the fracture—with no impact on conductivity.
A single, highly-cost effective application of SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology prevents scale formation throughout the entire production system—for the life of the well. SCALEGUARD technology maximizes production rates and eliminates expensive maintenance procedures such as continuous chemical injection treatment. SCALEGUARD technology even saved one operator in the Uinta over $160,000 per well in annual maintenance.
The GUARD family of production assurance technologies outperform traditional treatments, which are comparatively inefficient, expensive, and short-lived.

Key technologies: GUARD|SCALEGUARD


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