Unconventional reservoir challenges

A tailored approach to every well

CARBO has developed a portfolio of fracture technologies and services that help E&P operators to design, build and optimize the frac.
Our technologies and services have a proven track record of enabling clients operating in unconventional reservoirs, to design completion strategies and build fractures that optimize production efficiently and maximize returns. In addition, with the application of proppant-delivered production assurance technology, clients avoid deferred production, as well as expensive workovers and interventions.

Advanced technology for unconventional plays

CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology
Our portfolio of fracture technologies and high performance proppant deliver a step change in conductivity, well productivity and economic performance. Our proppant enables each fracture to be built with the optimal balance of contact and conductivity which is critical to optimize production and economic performance for the life of the well.

KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology is engineered to maximize and sustain hydrocarbon flow rates for the life of the well. This step-change technology is available as KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density and KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant to suit your well conditions and field economics.

In lower closure stress environments, CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra-low density ceramic proppant delivers significant performance improvement compared to sand completions, which results in increased well productivity, higher EUR and improved ROI.


Protect proppant pack integrity

FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology
FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology creates a bonded, high integrity, proppant pack without closure stress. It provides vital integrity in unconventional wells, allowing operators to inject and produce at ultra-high rates to achieve improved well productivity and recovery.

Key technologies: FUSION

The longest lasting scale inhibition treatment

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology
A single, highly-cost effective application of SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology can prevent scale formation throughout the entire production system—for the life of an unconventional well.

Key technologies: SCALEGUARD

Fracture intelligence for unconventional plays

CARBONRT inert racer technology

Using CARBONRT inert tracer technology, operators can directly measure near-wellbore propped fracture height and width, to optimize completion designs and perforation cluster spacing, as well as improve fracture simulation and mechanical earth model accuracy. CARBONRT technology can be utilized in sand or ceramic completed wells, and to evaluate gravel pack placement and integrity.


Achieve the optimal approach for your well faster

STRATAGEN supervision and advisory services

To support our customers in achieving their production and economic objectives so that they get the best possible return from every well, CARBO provides comprehensive technical support for all our proppant and fracture technologies. We can provide end-to-end technical support from frac design and technology selection, treatment supervision and post treatment analysis.

Our team of proppant and fracture technology specialists helps you to evaluate your fracture designs and develop optimized fracture designs through the integration of our advanced technologies to create production enhancement solutions.

At the wellsite, our STRATAGEN field consulting advisors provide fracture supervision and advisory services to ensure that your fracture design is executed to plan, and perform real-time engineering required to overcome any challenges experienced during stimulation operations. Our advisors help you to continually optimize your frac designs to improve your well productivity and reduce operational costs.

Our FRACPRO software portfolio provides unparalleled fracture design, analysis and monitoring capabilities that enable the engineering and execution of fracture designs to optimize production, recovery and economic performance.

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