FRACPRO REMOTE real-time fracture operations monitoring app

The FRACPRO REMOTE app is for Apple® iOS devices and allows anyone, anywhere, to connect to the frac job in real-time. The application links FRACPRO software on location to the mobile device over the internet using a unique IP address.

ipad air FRACPRO REMOTE screenshot

See and graph multiple channels of data

When the device is connected through the FRACPRO REMOTE app, you can choose from any of the data channels to view and graph, including calculated values. The graph display can be shifted and scaled as needed. Selected channels can be graphed or displayed numerically in any of the unit sets supported by FRACPRO software, such as metric. 

See the full job history

If you connect after the start of a job, the app will request data that was captured before the device connected. This will fill in the historical information from the job.


  • Runs on Apple iOS devices
  • Connects you to the frac job
  • Runs in real-time
  • Connects over the internet using a unique IP address


  • Allows you to follow progress on location remotely
  • Allows you to graph and plot information from FRACPRO software
  • Helps keep data from the wellsite secure

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