Build the fracture

Build the fracture

Our high performance, high quality proppant helps clients build fractures with enhanced conductivity and greater hydrocarbon flow. Proprietary proppant-delivered production enhancement technologies further enhance flow, assure production and accurately evaluate the well to inform field development.

Enhance the performance of every fractured well

Our wide-ranging portfolio of high quality, high performance ceramic proppant enables operators to design and build fractures to address the unique characteristics of the formation in applications ranging from slickwater fracturing to the highest-stress downhole environments.

Across the range, our high quality, high performance proppant is manufactured to have a low internal pellet porosity so that it is strong and durable enough to withstand pressure cycling and avoid the creation of fines. That means the proppant will maintain more space to flow for the life of the well. More on ceramic proppant

Low-density proppant for increased contact and conductivity

Our portfolio includes high quality, high performance low-density ceramic (LDC) proppant engineered to deliver both high conductivity and high contact for exceptional production and economic performance in typical reservoir stress conditions.

CARBO high performance LDC also enables operators to achieve higher production compared to their offset sand well with no increase in AFE. More on low density ceramic advantages

Protect the space with proppant-delivered production assurance

Scale deposits within the fracture or production system can significantly decrease production rates. In a single treatment, SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale inhibition treatment technology can safeguard the entire production system, from the fracture through the wellbore and the surface processing equipment. More on production assurance

Enhance the space with proppant-delivered flow enhancement

Our proppant-delivered flow enhancement technologies can increase effective fracture conductivity, length and permeability, and reduce the pressure drop related to multiphase flow effects. More on flow enhancement

Understand your well with proppant-delivered fracture evaluation services

The FRACTUREVISION proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service enables precise fracture evaluation to be performed efficiently and safely throughout the life of the well.

The high definition measurements provided by the FRACTUREVISION service allow operators to understand near-wellbore connectivity, identify optimal perforation and stage spacing, improve completion efficiency and calibrate propped fracture network and SRV models. These insights help operators to optimize the fracture and completion design and field development plan, as well as more accurately calculate EUR. More on Fracture evaluation

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