Optimize the fracture

Optimize the fracture

From reservoir characterization to field development optimization, our fracture-oriented services help operators achieve higher production, increase their EUR and optimize their field development plan faster, based on their production and economic objectives.

STRATAGEN is a fracture consulting business that provides a range of services to identify the optimal balance of contact and conductivity, and to safeguard fracture execution, including:

  • Fracture design and evaluation
  • Onsite fracture supervision and advisory services
  • Well performance analysis.

Our advisors use their unique knowledge and experience of reservoir characterization, fracture design and treatment, and application of fracture technologies to deliver a range of industry-leading fracture consulting services that can be applied at any level from individual stages to entire fields.

Our services help operators enhance production, increase ultimate recovery, optimize field development and meet their economic objectives faster.

Optimize the design of every fracture to the reservoir

Based on an in-depth understanding of reservoir characteristics, and utilizing our shale-based reservoir stimulation workflow, our team will efficiently and effectively diagnose issues and identify the optimum number of stages, fracture placement and zone coverage.

With their extensive knowledge of fracture technologies and design, they are able to select the correct proppant and advise on how to efficiently build and maintain the required contact and conductivity for the life of the well.

Execute the optimal fracture design at the wellsite

Our onsite advisors provide fracture supervision and advisory services to ensure that your fracture design is executed to plan, and perform any real-time engineering required to overcome any challenges experienced during stimulation.

Our key onsite services include:

  • Pre-job evaluation and audit
  • Pre-job diagnostics and fracture design optimization
  • Onsite fracture supervision and quality control
  • Post-stimulation reporting and evaluation

Optimize field development faster

Our WELLWORX data-driven analysis helps to accelerate the development of the optimal fracture and completion design for the reservoir, ensuring you meet your production and economic objectives.

WELLWORX well performance analysis provides operators with an index of the key completion success indicators that enable operators to accelerate the optimization of completion and fracture design. These indicators help you identify under-performing wells and optimize your field development strategy faster, so you can efficiently exploit the full potential of the reservoir.

The use of a combination of linear and neural network analysis techniques means analysis can be performed no matter whether there is limited or vast amounts of data available, so key completion success indictors can be identified in both emerging and mature plays.

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