FRACWORX frac design

FRACWORX frac design workflow employs physics-based fracture modeling to estimate fracture propagation and proppant deposition. Understanding fracture geometry enables the development of optimized fracture and completion designs for the reservoir.

Building a model that optimizes contact and conductivity

FRACWORX evaluation data requirements are reservoir and mechanical wellbore mechanical specifics, that typical include:

  • Wellbore diagram with tubing and casing size, grade, depths, perforation location, etc.
  • Estimates of reservoir and mechanical properties: open hole log data including estimates of zone thicknesses, rock properties, stresses, porosity, permeability, water saturation and pore pressure.

Efficient engineering workflow

Using client supplied well data, the STRATAGEN team apply their petrophysical, geomechanical, and frac modeling expertise in a proven workflow to develop models and fracture design recommendations.

  • Build an earth model using estimates of rock properties, stresses and reservoir properties
  • Develop frac procedures based on well configuration
  • Estimate fracture characteristics such as created geometry and conductivity
  • Evaluate proppant placement issues

Fracture and completion design recommendations

A recommendation for a reservoir-optimized frac and completion design is provided, which typically includes:

  • Fracture geometry and conductivity
  • Estimate treatment conditions
    • Treating pressures
    • Pressure trends
    • Potential job placement issues
  • Changes to existing completion and fracture designs

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