Field consulting services

Field consulting services

STRATAGEN field consulting services give our clients access to proven workflows along with our advisors’ vast fracture and operational expertise gained across the major unconventional resources plays.

We help you make well-informed decisions to meet your short- and long-term objectives by providing impartial advice based on best practices and the best available technologies in the industry.

Our advisors safeguard successful fracture execution in the field by responding to actual reservoir conditions and any operational issues you experience. Our advisors provide fracture supervision and advisory services to ensure that your fracture design is executed to plan, and perform any real-time engineering required to overcome any challenges experienced during stimulation operations.

STRATAGEN has helped operators save millions of dollars on their fracturing programs while improving fracture delivery.

Our key services include:

Proppant placement

We supervise pre-treatment diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) and perform analysis to understand wellbore permeability and stress values. Based on pre-treatment diagnostics we advise on onsite adjustments to optimize stimulation treatment and fracture design and ensure that the right amount and size of proppant is placed.

We can also advise on proppant-delivered production enhancement  technologies to assure production, enhance flow and evaluate your fractures and completions.

Diagnostics and interpretation

Our advisors provide interpretation of diagnostic procedures, frac treatment pressures and other information gathering steps such as DFIT. These insights are used to inform potential changes to fracture or completion designs.

Additionally, our advisors make recommendations for diagnostics to be incorporated into completion and frac procedures.

Quality assurance and quality control

Our advisors conduct pre-stimulation audits of equipment and testing of materials and use the latest technology to make recommendations on fluids, additives and proppant selection, thereby ensuring use of the most cost-effective or best available technology for each job.

Our advisors can conduct quality control procedures to ensure that industry best practices are always followed throughout fracture treatment.

  • Onsite QA/QC of equipment, sand volume, water, bucket test performed prior to starting project
  • Monitor service company frac fluid QA/QC.

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