STRATAGEN fracture consulting services

Fracture consulting services

STRATAGEN fracture consulting services give our clients access to proven fracture and completion evaluation workflows along with our consultants’ vast expertise gained across the major unconventional resources plays.

Our services help operators to enhance production, increase ultimate recovery, optimize field development and improve return on investment.

We help you make well-informed decisions to meet your short and long term objectives by providing impartial advice based on best practices and the best available technologies in the industry.

Reservoir and fracture evaluation services

We help you to optimize production and economic performance of each well to secure the highest possible return from your asset. The key services we provide:

  • Completion design & optimization
  • Completion optimization
  • Field development planning
  • Identify refrac opportunities
  • Infield development assessment
  • Prospect evaluation

Models and workflows

Our fracture consulting team utilizes our FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software, proven workflows and innovative artificial intelligence modeling techniques to evaluate and optimize frac and completion designs at any stage in your play development life cycle.

FRACWORX frac design

FRACWORX frac design workflow employs physics-based fracture modeling to estimate fracture propagation and proppant deposition. Understanding fracture geometry enables the development of optimized fracture and completion designs for the reservoir. 
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WELLWORX single-well evaluation

WELLWORX single-well evaluation employs physics-based models to evaluate fractured completion effectiveness to optimize frac and completion designs.
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BASINWORX multi-well evaluation

BASINWORX multi-well evaluation employs artificial neural network (ANN) modeling and other artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning techniques to develop data-driven models that identify factors that optimize production in fractured completions. More on BASINWORX >

Field consulting services

Our onsite fracture advisors safeguard the execution of the optimal fracture design at the wellsite. Our team can perform real-time fracture engineering to overcome fracturing-related challenges experienced during stimulation.
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